Physics Research Conference 2017-18

The Physics Research Conference is held on Thursday at 4:00 P.M. in 201 E. Bridge, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served in 108 E. Bridge before the lecture at 3:45 P.M. and after the lecture at 5 P.M. All talks are intended for a broad audience, and everyone is encouraged to attend.Add this event to my calendar
The Feynman Lecture Hall has video recording capability. They may be viewed on the 'Title' linked page for the individual speaker below. Some speakers may have chosen not to be recorded.

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September 28
Xiaowei Zhuang
Harvard University
Illuminating biology at the nanoscale and systems scale by imaging
David Hsieh
October 5
Renato Renner
ETH Zurich
Can quantum mechanics be valid on large scales?
Fernando Brandao
October 12
Matt Dobbs
McGill University
The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) First Light
Sunil Golwala
October 19
Mikhail Lukin
Harvard University
Exploring new frontiers of quantum optical science
Manuel Endres
October 26

Steve Giddings
UC Santa Barbara

Black holes, quantum information, and the foundations of physics
Rana Adhikari
November 2
Subir Sachdev
Harvard University
The Biard Lecture - Quantum matter without quasiparticles: strange metals and black holes
David Hsieh
November 9
James Crutchfield
UC Davis
Demonology: The Curious Role of Intelligence in Physics & Biology
Sean Carroll
November 16
Chen-Yu Liu
Indiana University
Unresolved Problems in Neutron Decay
Brad Filippone
November 30
Mohammad Hafezi
Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland
Topological photonics: from classical to quantum
Gil Refael
January 4
David Simmons-Duffin
The conformal bootstrap: magnets, boiling water, and quantum gravity
Fiona Harrison
January 11
David Hsieh
Signatures of a 3D quantum liquid crystal
January 18
Clifford Cheung
Unification from Scattering Amplitudes
January 25
Scott Tremaine
Institute for Advanced Study
Fuzzy dark matter and the small-scale structure problem
Sterl Phinney
February 1
Jeffrey Harvey
University of Chicago
From Moonshine to Black Holes, Number Theory in Physics
Hirosi Ooguri
February 8
William Irvine
University of Chicago
The life of vortex knots and links and the conservation of helicity
Jason Alicea
February 15
Anne Schukraft
Neutrinos - small particles, big science
Maria Spiropulu
February 22
Alexei Kitaev
A toy quantum black hole
March 1
Daniel Harlow
Black Holes, Holography, and Quantum Error Correction
John Preskill
March 8
Zaven Arzoumanian
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NICER View: Astrophysics and Exploration from the International Space Station
Sterl Phinney
April 5
Vicky Kalogera
Northwestern University
19th Lauritsen Memorial Lecture: The Dawn of Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics
Hirosi Ooguri
April 12
Nicholas Hutzler
Searching for New Particles and Forces with Polar Molecules
Fiona Harrison
April 19
Lulu Qian
A cargo-sorting DNA robot
Sean Carroll
April 26
Brian Metzger
Columbia University
20th Lauritsen Memorial Lecture: The Radioactive Glow of Freshly-Synthesized Heavy Nuclei from a Neutron Star Collision
Sterl Phinney
May 3
Ann E. Nelson
University of Washington
Low Energy Baryogenesis and Beauty
Clifford Cheung
May 10
Charles Kane
U of Penn
Symmetry, topology and electronic phases of matter
Jason Alicea
May 17
Xiaoliang Qi
Stanford University
Grad Students' Choice: The entanglement glue for spacetime
Jason Alicea
May 24
Eva Halkiadakis
Rutgers University
Exploring the Energy Frontier at the Large Hadron Collider
Maria Spiropulu
May 31
Rana Adhikari
All the Black Holes in the Universe

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