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Vol. 45 No. 31
PMA Seminar Calendar
April 24 - 28, 2017

MONDAY, April 24
World Fest Event: Teas of the World, noon - 1 pm, San Pasqual Walk
Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 4 pm, 257 Sloan
"Derived categories of canonical covers of bielliptic and Enriques surfaces in positive characteristic," Katrina Honigs, Mathematics Department, University of Utah
Astronomy Tea Talk, 4 pm, 312 Cahill
"TBA," Ylva Götberg, University of Amsterdam
Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 114 E Bridge
"Quantum dot chains as emulators of topological superconductors," Sergey Frolov, University of Pittsburgh
High Energy Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 469 Lauritsen
"Nnaturalness," Tim Cohen, University of Oregon
Art + Tech Panel: Computational Literature, 6 pm, 135 Gates-Thomas

TUESDAY, April 25
World Fest Event: My Iran, noon, Avery Library
Dix Planetary Science Seminar, 4 pm, 365 S Mudd
"Early History of the Moon & Mercury: Merging Magma Ocean Models with LRO, GRAIL & MESSENGER Data," Alex Evans, Postdoc, University of Arizona
Carnegie Observatories Colloquium, 4 pm, Carnegie Observatories, 813 Santa Barbara St., William T. Golden Auditorium
"The All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae," Dr. Ben Shappee, Carnegie Observatories
Mathematics Colloquium, 4 pm, 151 Sloan
"Extremes: nonlinear PDEs, random walk, Gaussian processes and random matrices," Ofer Zeitouni, Department of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science

Mathematical Physics Seminar, noon, 257 Sloan
"Two-spectra theorem with uncertainty," Alexei Poltoratski, Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
Logic Seminar, 2 pm, 159 Sloan
"On The Interplay Between Representations and Topological Actions," Omer Tamuz, Economics & Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
Astronomy Colloquium, 4 pm, Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
"Quasars in the Epoch of Reionization," Eduardo Banados, Carnegie
Materials Science Research Lecture, 4 pm, 106 Spalding Laboratory
"Universal avalanche statistics across 16 decades in length: From nanocrystals (and neurons) to earthquakes and stars," Karin Dahmen, Professor, Condensed Matter Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Noncommutative Geometry Seminar, 4 pm, 151 Sloan
"Harper, extended Harper, and sharp spectral transitions in the arithmetics of the flux," Svetlana Jitomirskaya, Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine
World Fest Event: In Focus, 4 pm, Center for Student Services, Lobby
International Photography Exhibit + Opening Reception
IMPLiCIT Improv Workshop, 8:30 pm, Ramo Auditorium

THURSDAY, April 27
Applied Physics Seminar, noon, 104 Watson
"MEMS are becoming 3D and atomically precise," Andrei Shkel, Prof., Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Irvine
James Michelin Distinguished Visitors Program, 4 pm, Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
"Building Science: Multiple Agendas," Thom Mayne, Architect and Design Director, Morphosis
Physics Research Conference, 4 pm, 201 E Bridge
"Quantum simulations: From condensed matter to high energy models," Ignacio Cirac, Professor Doctor of Physics, Director of the Theory Division, Max-Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
World Fest Event: International Food Fair, 4:30 pm - 6 pm, Avery Courtyard

FRIDAY, April 28
High Energy Theory Seminar, 11 am, 469 Lauritsen
"TBA," Efrat Gerchkovitz, Weizmann Institute
Undergraduate Math Club Seminar, noon, 151 Sloan
"The cap set problem," Allison Wang, Department of Mathematics, Caltech
TAPIR Seminar, 2 pm, 370 Cahill
"Observing the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation with the South Pole Telescope," Christine Moran, Postdoctoral Scholar, TAPIR, Caltech
Geometry and Topology Seminar, 3 pm, 257 Sloan
"Heegaard Floer invariants and satellite knots," Wenzhao Chen, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University
Applied Physics Seminar, 4 pm, 106 Spalding Laboratory
"Plasmonics for Chemistry: Sensing and controlling chemical reactions using plasmons," Andrea Baldi, PhD, Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)
Caltech/UCLA Joint Analysis Seminar, 4 pm, 151 Sloan
"Average Decay of the Fourier Transform of Measures," Keith Rogers, Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas
IQIM Seminar, 4 pm, 114 E Bridge
"TBA," Ioana Craiciu, Graduate Student, Faraon Group
Caltech/UCLA Joint Analysis Seminar, 5 pm, 151 Sloan
"Spectral theory of confining magnetic fields via symplectic geometry," San Vu Ngoc, Department of Mathematics, Universite de Rennes

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