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Vol. 45 No. 52
PMA Seminar Calendar
September 18 - 22, 2017

MONDAY, September 18
Destined to Crash: Cassini's Grand Finale, 7:30 pm, Beckman Auditorium
ExSoCal 2017 Conference, Sep 18-19, Beckman Institute Auditorium

TUESDAY, September 19
Chemical Physics Seminar, 2 pm, 147 Noyes
"Nanoscale Lasing: a Conundrum?" Teri W. Odom, Charles E. & Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University

WEDNESDAY, September 20
5th Annual Caltech Teaching Conference, 9 am - 4 pm, Dabney Hall, Garden of the Associates
Astronomy Colloquium, 4 pm, (Informal) Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
"Dust Formation Is Not Voodoo," Chris Kichanek, Ohio State University

THURSDAY, September 21 - No PMA scheduled events

FRIDAY, September 22
Stargazing Lecture, 8 pm, Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
"Where to Find Real Time Machines and How to Use Them," Andreas Faisst, Postdoctoral Research, IPAC, Caltech

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